What Should You Focus On In An Upper Body Workout To Look Your Best?

When following a fitness routine have you wondered what should you focus on in upper body workout to look your best? Perhaps you have heard different opinions but the approach to follow is not as simple as you think.
Upper Body Pose
Photograph Courtesy of Brad Gouthro Fitness

Most guys who go to the gym and lift weights like to focus on what are called “show muscles” or “beach muscles.” You know, the chest or biceps, which are clearly the most visible. However, the body is more complex than two body parts.

Often times as you walk by the magazine rack at your local supermarket or bookstore you will see or read headlines like, “the majority of women love a chest on a man,” or “Why women love big shoulders.” Although this may be interesting for the sake of entertainment, it really does not serve a purpose for someone who is serious with working out.

What these magazines fail to explain is that although certain parts of a physique may be appealing, on the whole what creates an attractive body is if it looks proportionate. If your biceps are too big and the shoulders are small then it will not look right. If your chest is well developed but your back is not then your upper body will not look right.

So with this in mind your focus on an upper body workout is to dedicate equal amount of time on each muscle group. Dedicate equal amount of time to the back as you would the chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders. It is very important to concentrate on using good form and full range of motion with each exercise.

In order to get good upper body development it is best if you split your body into different days by either working on one muscle group per day or pair two muscle groups per day. One example would be to do chest on one day, arms a second and so forth. Or you can pair chest and back on one day and shoulders and arms on a second.

Try different approaches when you focus on an upper body workout. By focusing on different methods and approaches to working out you will look like an athlete and look athletic a lot sooner than you think.


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