The Two Best Exercises For Building Trap Muscles

Are you wondering what the best exercises for building trap muscles to get that muscular look are? Well building the trapezius muscles is easier than you would expect by simply incorporating two easy moves in your repertoire.

In fitness magazines and in bodybuilding competitions you often see well developed muscles run that run from the shoulders and in to the lower neck. When you see this it gives the appearance of dominance, strong shoulders and neck. I have even heard many women say that this part is very sexy in a man.

The trapezius muscles are often overlooked by many in the gym because of the focus that is placed too often on the arms and chest muscles. However having development in the traps allows the back muscles and shoulder muscles to stand out more. So if you want to make your back and shoulders stand out more incorporate trapezius workouts.

Here are two easy exercises for building trap muscles you can incorporate in your routine:

· Upright Rows: These are performed using barbell, smith machine, dumbbells or cable with the straight bar. Grab the weight/ handle with two hands at shoulder width apart while standing with the knees slightly bent. The weight should hang in front of your thighs. Slowly bring the weight up in a controlled to your upper chest level so that your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Use a slow motion on the way up and on the way down.


· Shrugs: this exercise allows you to go heavy. Again use either a weighted barbell, smith machine, dumbbells or cable with the straight bar. Grab the weight/ handle with two hands using a shoulder width grip. Keeping your arms straight and at thigh level bring your shoulders up and then down using a slow motion. To make it easy imagine you are trying to touch your shoulders to your ears. Always look straight and do not use a rolling motion. If you roll your shoulders forward or back it can cause injury or damage to the rotator cuff.

Perform these exercises on days you work on your shoulders along with shoulder presses, lateral raises and rear delt raises. If you include these two exercises for building trap muscles you will get awesome shoulders development. If you include this on your workouts to get bigger shoulders you will be more than pleased with the results to follow.