Is Strength Training With Resistance Bands Better Than Using Weights?

Have you ever tried doing strength training with resistance bands to get in shape? Probably not. Or maybe you tried it a couple of times and went back to using barbells, dumbbell weights or machines.
Resistance Bands--Aperture
Photograph Courtesy of Daniel Eisen

Although you may think that there isn’t a major advantage using resistance bands in your training the truth is they are of great benefit. These days many athletes use these pieces of elastic to get in tip top shape.

One of the athletes who quickly comes to mind is Terrell Owens. Terrell Owens has been known to use these bands almost exclusively for every muscle group. In fact, he swears that they have improved his performance on the field.

I am sure you are wondering how these bands could possibly give you the ability to get lean muscle and get in great shape. Perhaps you were disappointed because you felt these bands were too light or maybe they just look very light to achieve significant gains.

Strength training bands come in different degrees of resistance. The thicker they are the tougher it will be to use and thus requiring more strength to use. Usually resistance bands come in different colors according to their level of resistance.

The advantage with using strength training with resistance bands is they force your muscle to stay in constant tension. As opposed to using weights, these keep the muscle at tension only up to a certain point. Picture doing biceps curls. At the peak of the movement the tension significantly decreases.

While using bands the muscle is forced at constant tension from the moment the muscle goes in to motion and even at peak contraction. As the muscle adapts to the resistance you simply use a band that is thicker.

I have personally done training with resistance bands in my strength training workouts to change it around once in a while. Although they may not seem like a tough workout, believe me, they can be. Switch it around and do them for an entire workout or to warm up or at the end to burn out the muscle and get that good final pump.

You never know, strength training with resistance bands may end up having you look like an athlete like Terrell Owens.