Kettlebell Workout Routines- Pick Up Some Steel And Chisel Your Body

I won’t lie; kettlebell workout routines are something that has been foreign to me for most of my training career.  Yeah, I know, you are either nodding at me in disbelief or you are skeptical of what these little steel balls have to offer.  Don’t get me wrong, I have tried them in the last year or so and I have been impressed by how a small piece of equipment can take you far in getting in shape.

Trendiest Piece of Equipment In Roman Times

Kettlebells haven’t been the most popular equipment tools believe it or not.  Although there has been a growing popularity, the use of kettlebells was mostly at an “underground” level.  Even though we see it talked about more and more in magazines and on fitness shows, it has been in the past 2-3 years that kettlebells have seen an increase in exposure and popularity.  These days many celebrities use them as their primary purpose for getting fit, one example is Daniel Baldwin.  Yes, Daniel Baldwin from “Celebrity Rehab.”

Kettlebells are believed to have gotten their early incarnation at some point in the Roman era and in Ancient Greece but truly became a more popular fitness tool in Russia in the early 1700’s.  However, it is tough to use the old days as a way to measure not only their popularity but also their effectiveness.

Kettlebells In Sports

One of the primary reasons for the increase popularity of kettlebells is the use of this equipment by athletes in various sports.  MMA fighters use them more and more in their training in order to work on their explosiveness and power.  Football players have been seen using in their training outside of the gym and it is also becoming a staple in the training of the U.S. Army, Special Forces and other government agencies.

(Lance Armstrong performing kettlebell routines)

Why Kettlebell Workout Routines Are A Favorite With Athletes

Kettlebells are excellent in developing strong hips, hamstrings, shoulders and a strong core, all muscle groups that are important in sports performance.  Because of the quick and explosive movements needed to carry and swing the weight this requires the body to use its fast twitch muscles for explosiveness.  The development of fast twitch muscles is important in developing lean muscle and in burning fat.

Ketllebell Routine Example

One of the best kettlebell workouts I have seen is one done by Craig Ballantyne of  Craig always uses creative workouts to spark muscle confusion and is an expert at applying burst training workouts in burning fat.  In the example below he shows an excellent kettlebell and bodyweight workout using very limited space.

(Check out more of Craig Ballantyne’s Kettlebell Workouts)

The 10 x 20 Kettlebell Workout Bodyweight Exercise Circuit Breakdown

1) Squat With Kettlebells – 20 reps
2) Pushups (Hands in Front) – 20 reps
3) Kettlebell Swings – 20 reps
4) Walking Lunges – 20 reps per side
5) Single Arm High Pulls – 10 reps per side
6) Mountain Climber – 20 reps
7) One Arm Kettlebell Swing – 10 reps per side
8) Close Grip Pushups – 20 reps
9) Kettlebell One Arm Row – 10 reps per side
10) Stability Ball Leg Curls – 20 reps
Rest 1-2 Minutes and then do it 2 more times

As you can see, performing this circuit is pretty simple and can be performed in a limited space.  This type of workout is excellent at burning fat and  can be done by either men or women.  I have done this kettlebell circuit and have found it quite challenging but is really worth doing because of its fat burning benefits.

It may be hard to believe that a simple piece of iron can get someone in top shape but do not underestimate its capabilities.  This simple tool provides anyone the ability to be creative with a workout and can get anyone to look athletic.  Just follow the example of many athletes and try to incorporate kettlebell workout routines if you want switch things up and burn fat and get a lean and ripped body or try Craig Ballantyne’s Kettlebell Program.

Try it and see what you think.  Feel free to comment below.