The Dr. Dukan Diet- A Diet Fit For Royalty

It looks like there is a new diet hitting the streets and your dinner table soon- The Dukan Diet!  The new craze has been quite a rave in France and has been compared to the Atkins’ Diet that was popular some years ago.  This latest hype in fat loss and weight loss diets is causing quite a stir-The Dr Dukan Diet.  What is it? Is it just hype or a solution to everyone’s fat loss needs? This article looks at whether it is the real deal or a bust.

The diet was created by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French doctor, and has been labeled the French Dr. Atkins.  In his book, Dr. Dukan outlines his high protein, low calorie diet… yes, definitely Atkins- esque.

Here is an outline of the 4-phase program:

Phase 1: Eating non-fatty protein (skinless chicken, fish, low fat beef, turkey breast), 1.5 teaspoons of oat bran and drinking plenty of water.

Phase 2: Veggies are then included in the diet along with the foods in phase 1.

Phase 3:  along with the items already mentioned twice a week the following is permitted, two slices of bread, a serving of cheese and fruit and two servings of carbs a day, also wine and dessert.

Phase 4: The diet is no longer strict and can eat anything he or she pleases but has to eat strictly according to Phase 1 once a week.

Blame It On The Royals For Making This Popular

Apparently this diet has become the latest rage thanks to the future Princess (perhaps future Queen), Kate Middleton.  Kate Middleton has been on it- along with bridal bootcamp– after her mother tried it and reportedly lost 4 pounds in 4 days. (source: Yahoo)

T- Rex Would Have Loved The Dukan Diet

Okay, that’s the British super group T-Rex… here is the other T-Rex

The Dr. Dukan Diet has become a hit especially among people who love their meat.  It is not restrictive and the ability to eat beef, turkey, chicken and fish sounds like a better option than counting calories, going vegan or eliminating favorite foods.

Dukan Diet critics have stated that the diet is low in vitamin C, fiber and is high in salt and can lead to increase risk in cancer and heart problems.  Dr. Dukan stands by his diet and argues that it is effective for losing weight and that there isn’t research to claim his diet is harmful and can be EXPENSIVE.

Why I Believe The Dukan Diet Is Not The Solution

As with most fad diets there are problems.  Although most diets tend to be restrictive, this one is not so much, which makes it appealing.  However, one thing that is not emphasized is the benefit of working out.  Dr. Dukan has stated that all you need to do for activity is light walking. (Did I mention that Kate Middleton is doing a “bridal bootcamp”).

I am a fan of walking as a method of exercise but there are ways to truly burn more fat and it includes strength training using weights, bodyweight workout routines and strength training with resistance bands.  Building muscle by strength training, burst training and interval type cardio like running stairs and sprint workouts are a great way to melt the fat away.

The True Factors Behind Fat Loss

One thing I want to stress is the need to get away from a weight loss mentality and move to a fat loss mentality.  Losing fat is what makes anyone look healthy, look like an athlete, have a cover model type body, etc.

As mentioned above, certain types of workouts, strength and cardio are effective as burning fat.  The important contributor to fat loss is an INCREASE IN GROWTH HORMONE.  These types of workouts achieve increases in growth hormone.

You Don’t Have To Give Up Carbs Or Fat To Lose Weight/ Fat

The Atkins Diet and the Dukan Diet place a big emphasis on increasing protein and avoiding carbs and fats.  As we all know the really delicious stuff contains both of these.

There are actually approaches to losing weight and losing fat that do not eliminate fat or carbs but actually promote eating what ever you please.  The program, “Eat, Stop, Eat,” by Brad Pillon is one approach that has been considered extremely effective at burning fat without having to follow a difficult and restrictive regimen.

Fad Diets Are Just, Well, Fads

The problem with fad diets is they are popular today and tomorrow they start falling out of favor when they are too tough to follow or something else comes along.

It is important to have a balanced diet but honestly, it is not so much about what you eat but really about quality of calories.

There are long term programs that are not restrictive and have been show to give real results and give great results when paired with a great workout routine.  It is not about restricting oneself to a difficult diet.

I guess we will be hearing more about the Dr Dukan Diet.  In the meanwhile stay healthy and may the Royals have a happy life.