Bodyweight Workout Routines- Not Just For Chicks And Not Just For Inmates

With the fitness craze in full, people joining gyms and seeing infomercials pitching fitness equipment, it seems that a lot of us have forgotten that bodyweight workout routines can get anyone in top shape.

There seems to be an overwhelming belief that the only way to get in shape is by buying expensive equipment or using weights to build muscle and burn mass.  However there are countless numbers of people that are working out “UNDERGROUND” and looking fit and more athletic than the common gym rat.  A great example of this is “Renegade Bodyweight Bodybuilding” by Jason Ferruggia.

Forget About The Weights?

I won’t be telling you to forget about doing weights and using a treadmill.  I do feel, however, that if you don’t have the time or money (that’s most of us by the way) you can get the same and sometimes better results doing bodyweight workout routines.  Doing bodyweight workouts are a good way to switch it up, avoid a plateau effect, and also compliments a good weight-training program.

Doing bodyweight routines are an excellent way of getting both muscle building and cardio benefits.  The goal of these workouts, and any good workout program, is to work with intensity.  For a great example of someone doing a high intensity bodyweight workout check out Zuzana at

Bodyweight Workouts Are Only For Chicks?

Yeah right! Tell that to a guy in jail.  Although prison workouts are portrayed in movies with guys doing heavy bench presses, the truth is there isn’t enough equipment available for everyone.  What is the alternative?  They work out inside their prison cells or out in the playground using what is available.

A great example of guys who have served time in prison and have learned and passed on their bodyweight workout secrets can be seen here in “The 24 Hour Ghetto Workout.” The guys workout using what is available in their neighborhoods often using playgrounds as a gym environment.

For a quick and effective workout you can do at home and with very little time you can follow the one I have outlined below.

Sample Bodyweight Routine

  • Jog In Place For 30 Seconds
  • Knee High Runs In Place For 30 Seconds
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • Pull Ups/ Chin Ups: choose one of these  (do as many as you can)
  • 10 Bench Jumps/ Boxy Jumps
  • Plank (hold for one minute)

(Rest for one minute and repeat cycle. Repeat a total of 3 to 4 times.)

This cycle should be performed nonstop or with as little rest as possible between exercises.

This workout routine will help with building muscle and burning fat as it applies interval-training principles.  Also, do not forget to use time under tension principles when performing push-ups and pull-ups.  Performing them at a slower pace will be more beneficial to build muscle than performing them at a faster pace.

The sequence outlined above targets the upper body and the lower body.  However, bodyweight exercises can be included in conjunction with weight training.

For example, including dips for triceps and chest development is a great option.  Doing some lower body plyometric exercises are also good to include on lower body weight training days.

Bodyweight exercises are very easy, safe and can be performed using very limited space even in the comfort of a small apartment.  The advantage with using these types of workouts is that it will not require spending on equipment or going to gym.  The best tool in order to get fit is simply using our bodies whether at home or outside.  Various programs like Renegade Bodyweight Bodybuilding show you that the ability to look athletic is not only possible but can be achieved by doing bodyweight workout routines.