Should You Buy Visual Impact For Women: An Honest Review

Hi Everyone,

Well it is finally here,  the product that many ladies have been asking for, Visual Impact For Women.

Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book and Visual Impact Muscle Building, has released a program strictly for women called Visual Impact For Women:  A Workout For The Slim Feminine Physique.

This new product has been in the works for quite some time and he does not disappoint!  There is not a program like this of its kind tailored specifically for women.  If you are looking to buy a product that will get you looking slim and sexy then this is the one to get.

Rusty Moore is one of the most respected fitness experts online and has always put out high quality programs for anyone who is looking to get in shape and look their absolute best.  The best news is you can do these workouts with any type of equipment, weights, or just your bodyweight.

His program for men has been a huge hit as he teaches the precise way to achieve the “Hollywood physique,” and not the huge muscles few find attractive.

You can see a preview video of the program by clicking on the official page here

This program is perfect for women who do not want the following:

  • Do Not Want to Get Big And Bulky
  • Do Not Want That Muscular Look
  • Do Not Have Time To Spend Hours Working Out
  • Do Not Want To Spend Days Working Out

His new program for women will not disappoint and just so you get an idea for what you will get in this program here is a special SNEAK PREVIEW of the whopping 89 page Main Manual:

Introduction: Finally Someone is Listening!
Nobody seems to be listening to what the majority of women want. More women would rather look good in a bikini…than look like muscular fitness models. I GET this…yet most of the people in the fitness industry simply aren’t listening.

Chapter 1: Myth Busting
Sick of hearing that it impossible for you to gain too much muscle because you don’t have enough testosterone? I will discuss that and other myths told to women on a consistent basis.

Chapter 2: Is Cardio Really “Dead”?
Hollywood actresses use cardio like crazy to get fit for movie roles…so why do so many fitness experts claim that cardio is dead? I’ll explain in detail why cardio is an amazing tool to get a slim and sexy physique and why circuit training isn’t always all it is cracked up to be.

Chapter 3: High-Rep Training
Why women have been pushed towards high rep training to “tone” the
muscles. What actually happens in the body when training for high reps. A study which shows that high reps tend to add muscle mass about as well as low reps.

Chapter 4: Low-Rep Training
What happens in the body during low rep training. Why low reps (done
properly) are the ideal way to get a lean and slim physique that looks great in a bikini.

Chapter 5: Training to Failure
Why training to failure or training short of failure makes a HUGE impact on how your muscle look. This is one of the most overlooked variables in all of women’s fitness.

Chapter 6: Free Weights, Machines, and Body Weight Training
The benefits and drawbacks of each type of resistance (free weights,
machines, body weight training, and resistance bands). Why the ideal
workout uses a combination of various forms of resistance.

Chapter 7: Yoga
Great for mobility, but not the fastest route to a slim and lean physique. Why I believe this should only be considered a supplementary form of exercise, not a way to stay slim and lean year-round.

Chapter 8: Adding Muscle to Burn More Body Fat?
Why putting on muscle to lose body fat is a slow indirect approach to getting lean. I’ll will also discuss how adding muscle burns an insignificant amount of calories per day.

Chapter 9: Dieting Challenges for Women
Why the conventional methods you have been taught will make fat loss close to impossible. Women have it tougher than men…but here is a strategy that works well.

Chapter 10: Dieting Strategies in Detail
How many calories should you eat per day? What ratio of carbs, protein, and fat? How many meals? Strategies for women who like to eat every few hours. Strategies for women who like to eat fewer, but larger meals.

Chapter 11: Dieting for an Event
How dieting for an event like a vacation or wedding is much different than the way you would normally eat. Need to lose 5-10 pounds in less than 3 weeks? I outline a tough but extremely effective plan for that.

Chapter 12: A Flat-Out Effective Cardio Workout
An incredibly effective 30 minute cardio routine that drops fat on demand. Ways to adjust it to complement your resistance training routine.

Chapter 13: How to Customize Your Routines
Why there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all workout solution. Mastering what works best for your body is what is going to help you look exceptional in any situation.

Chapter 14: The “Go-To 2 Day Split” – Gym Routine
I will outline the current routine that I use with my girlfriend. Although we train together, I use different schemes to add muscle while she slims down. This is a great starting point to base your customized routine on.

Chapter 15: The “3 Days Per Week” – Gym Routine
Here is a routine you can use if you are only able to hit the gym 3 days per week. This uses a special 3 day split which makes a lot of sense once I explain the principles.

Chapter 16: Setting Up a Simple & Effective Home Gym
I’ll explain some creative ways to train with very little equipment (adjustable bench and dumbbells). As long as you get the set and rep schemes correct, you can get in tremendous shape at home.

Chapter 17: The “Go-To 2 Day Split” – Home Routine
This is the routine to use if you are able to train 4 days or more per week at home. This is the recommended base routine to use from home, that you can customize over time and use year after year.

Chapter 18: The “3 Days Per Week” – Home Routine

This is a simple but effective routine for women who simply want to workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is best for women who are extremely challenged for time.

Chapter 19: How to Lose Muscle Mass on Purpose
Legions of women have muscular thighs and calves that they would like to make slim and defined. This is common especially with women who have been given poor training advice. Despite this being a taboo subject, I’m going to give you a strategy that works.

Chapter 20: Final Thoughts
Working hard for 5-6 months and then being in “maintenance mode” the rest of you life. A simple way to look and feel good for a lifetime.

This is not all.  If you buy the Visual Impact For Women Main Manual you will get some Free Bonuses!

1) Visual Impact for Women – Main Manual (89 pages)
2) Visual Impact for Women – Fat Torching Cardio (19 pages)
3) Visual Impact for Women – Exercise Demonstrations (229 pages)
4) Visual Impact for Women – Printable Workout Charts (6 pages)

Now get this, the price will only be $47 for the Main Manual plus the bonuses!

Rusty has also included a 60 Money Back Guarantee. That’s right, if you don’t like it he will refund your money.

This price is an absolute steal for such a detailed program.  Less than the cost of one personal training session.

Along with the bonuses you get something I find very generous and very valuable

  • You will get free lifetime upgrades every time a new version of this program comes out.  So there is no need to purchase the program any more once you own it today.

The program is perfect if you want to:

  • Look great for a wedding
  • Look great for a vacation
  • Look great for a reunion
  • Look great for a graduation
  • Look great for a social event
  • Look slim like celebrities who walk the red carpet

The program is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and for such a low price of $47 plus the free bonuses and money back guarantee it is really hard to resist.

You can simply Buy Visual Impact For Women by clicking here