How Strength Training Saved My Life

Have you ever been stuck?
I’m not talking about being physically stuck.
I don’t mean the type where you’re trying to squeeze between two tight spaces and you can’t go further.
It’s actually worse.
I mean feeling stuck in life.
The feeling that you aren’t going anywhere and you don’t know what else to do to make things better.

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A Sprinter Style Workout For Maximum Muscle Gains And A Lean Body

In order to get the most out of this type of training make sure to combine both strength training and interval training. Sprinters, and nearly all athletes, combine both types in order to have highly athletic bodies. If you do the same you will get results that will have you looking like a sprinter as well.

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NFL Running Back Workout

Right now the NFL season is in full swing.
The timing seemed right so I decided to write something that will
help you get a body like an NFL Running Back.
Guys in shoulder pads and helmets playing a game of inches.
Each member of a team uses every muscle and fiber in their bodies to win.
Blood, sweat and tears is what these guys are willing to give up.
And as we look at these guys it is clear that they are packed with muscle and strength.

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How To Get Bigger Arms

I know many of you are looking for ways to get bigger arms. It isn’t as hard as you think once you have a method.

Here is an infographic showing a step by step method for developing bigger arms. It is thorough and breaks things down by sets and reps.

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1 Core Strengthening Exercise My Doctor Prescribed For A Stronger Midsection

I hear it all the time from people of either gender and all ages. Back problems are very common. Sometimes the simplest movement causes a tweak in their lower back.

Heck, I even know a couple of young guys who complain of lower back pain when they get out of bed.

In my case I have injured it doing deadlifts and squats and have experienced muscle cramps because of lower back strain which is a result of an imbalance in my core.

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The Skinny Guy Cardio Workout

If you are an ectomorph or skinny guy this type of training and workout is one I highly recommend if you are looking for something that will help you keep your body fat down all while building your conditioning and developing muscle in your lower body.

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20 Fitness Tips To Make 2013 Your Best Year

So to help you out here are 20 tips that will make it easier for you to achieve your fitness goals and a the body you want in 2013.

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