Muscle Building Superfoods (Guest Post)

Muscle Building Superfoods 

The best way to maintain a good looking and great feeling body is to engage it in a healthy cycle. This cycle includes exercise which converts body fats into muscles. The more muscle a body builds, the less fat it would contain which would further reduce health dangers, and also give better shape to the body. However exercise is not the know all and end all of building a strong, muscular body. A healthy diet is the lifeline of a successful exercise routine. It is for this reason that certain foods have been given the title of superfoods because they take the body of a regular person to be muscular, shaped and strong.

  • Eggs
It is considered as one of the best muscle building superfoods because it has the highest biological value, which makes it the rich source of protein. Every egg gives five to six grams of protein in only sixty calories. While people might think the yolk of the egg can be avoided, if eaten would not cause harm, but only act as additional protein. Having more than two or three whole eggs a day may cause high cholesterol however maintaining the count would give high nutritional benefits. Aside from proteins, eggs are a rich source of calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, thiamine, vitamin B6 and folate.
  • Almonds
 These are considered to be an important source of healthy fats to the diet. They are easy to consume as a snack during the day or be used as topping on salads and spreads. Their high calorific value adds to the total calorie intake during the day easily, without too much consumption. They are also a source of magnesium which is vital for carrying out energy metabolism and also in protein synthesis.
  • Salmon
 The main mantra of body building remains to avoid foods with high fat content; however that refers to the bad and harmful fats only. The body still needs all essential fatty acids and Omega-3 nutrition to help develop muscle through increased metabolism and protein synthesis. Salmon, particularly pink salmon or wild salmon are known to be a high source of healthy fats, fatty acids and Omega-3 all three of which are vital for the body to absorb other nutrients from the food and also produce energy using the same. Tuna, trout and sardines are also healthy fish options that one can opt for. Good fish can have up to twenty five grams of protein in one hundred grams of meat.
  • Yogurt
Even with the high oestrogen content that yogurt withholds, it is one of the best options for body and muscle building. It has a special fat which actually cuts away harmful body fats. Its subtle combination of carbohydrates and proteins is ideal for exercise recovery and muscle growth. While some may be against the use of regular yogurt, or even yogurt with fruits, however it has been established that the fruits that are added to the yogurt give the body a chance to increase insulin content because of the injection of natural sugars into the blood stream. This insulin increase prevents post exercise protein breakdown. Aside from that, the bacteria in yogurt are known to increase intestinal activity and make digestion more effective.
  • Water
Most people think of food in a healthy diet and ignore the importance of water. Since 70% of the human body is made up of water, increasing muscle content would largely depend on the intake of water to provide muscles, ligaments and tissues with water. Body builders are advised to consume up to ten litres of water a day because well hydrated muscles are known to carry out protein synthesis much quicker than what would be possible otherwise. It is also an important step to be taken to prevent dehydration after strength training and allows for quick muscle recovery.

While the above may be a few of the important foods which need to be consumed for body building, other foods like beef, steak, turkey, flax, fruits and vegetables, olive oil, cottage cheese, dairy, soya, chicken, quinoa, and even oysters are important foods which can be incorporated into the diet to allow quicker and better muscle build up. Having all of these in combination and regulation with one another would promise best results wherein a person would be able to maintain shape, health and lose fats, all at the same time. See what complements your exercise routine the most and decide the foods which would be most essential.

Eat wise and exercise well.

Author Box

Jefferey Morgan has authored this article. He is conscious of every bite that he consumes, and he can’t eat local foods. Apart from that he provides no nonsense information on how to get ripped fast easily. Visit his site Get this ripped, to improve your dining experience.


  1. Great advice Sam,

    All of the foods you mentioned are a staple part of my diet. One thing I love to eat is natural unsweetened yogurt mixed with a scoop of whey protein. It’s a great sweet treat, that is in no way bad for me. It always hits the spot whenever I am having a sweet craving.


  2. Great post! With the exception of almonds all of these things are a staple of my diet. Do you think almonds are any better than peanuts though? I ask because I eat about 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter a day.

  3. I like your thoughts on the yogurt. I hear mixed reviews on yogurt if it’s good for you or not. But overall I agree with everything in this post. I eat eggs for breakfast everyday 🙂