Learn How To Bulk Up Fast And Stop Being A Hardgainer

For most guys out there hitting the weights day in and day out the most frustrating thing is not knowing how to bulk up fast.  Although I recommend a long-term approach to weight training like Jason Ferrugia’s “Muscle Gaining Secrets” that varies between gaining muscle mass and getting definition there is a way of putting on quick muscle gains.

If you are a hardgainer and want to learn how to bulk up fast this article shows you the exact methods you can use to see muscle gains.  Forget about long workouts and days and hours spent in the gym that seem to get you nowhere.  These simple tips will get you to put on mass much faster.

First of all I don’t want to make the claim that you will gain 20 or 30 pounds of muscle in a matter of a month.  What I am going to show is a methodical approach that can be applied on a consistent basis and get you quicker to your results.

For a hardgainer the quest for quick muscle gains seems to be the most elusive.  One minute five pounds creep in and the next day those five pounds are gone.

Why Is It Hard To Put On Muscle?

The primary reason for a hardgainer not gaining muscle is a fast metabolism.  A fast metabolism keeps the body from growing despite an increase in caloric intake.  Ever tried to eat more but all you did was put on a slight belly and lacked any muscle increases or muscle definition?  Blame your high metabolism…

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make If You Want To Put On Muscle Mass

One lesson I had to learn the hard way when I was starting out was that I could get away with doing long steady state cardio.  This was my biggest mistake.  In my goal of keeping my body fat at low levels I did long cardio sessions (30 minute jogs) while maintaining a weight-training program.

The first thing to do in any program if you want to bulk up fast is decrease your cardio load.  Instead of doing cardio every day for long periods you need to switch to INTERVAL TRAINING like sprint training, running stairs or brief explosive cardio two to three days a week.

Keep your cardio sessions brief and intense for only a couple of days a week for best results.

I often see hardgainers busting their butts lifting in higher rep ranges of 12 to 15.  If you want to gain muscle mass you have to get out of this rep range.  For some reason people who do weight training have the belief that you have to do more sets to failure.

I do recommend going this high for no longer than one month when you are just starting out but you have to increase the load soon there after.

The Ideal Number Of Reps For Muscle Mass

A rep range of 8 to 10 is where you want to be for the next couple of months and do a series of 4 sets per exercise.  You can also do forced reps to force the muscle. There is always some debate about what is ideal but I have always felt that going any higher is not as effective and going lower is not ideal if you are looking to bulk up fast.

Should I Do Free Weights Or Machines?

This is another question that comes up a lot.  There is prevailing myth that free weights are the best way to bulk up.  In reality you can use what works best for you or what is available.

It is nice to have access to various types of equipment but use what you have. Even bodyweight is a good “tool” if you don’t have a gym.  For an example just look at the 24 Hour Ghetto Workout to see that a gym is not necessary.

Switch It Up Once In A While

One lesson I learned much later in my training was that if you want to see results and keep your body from having a plateau effect you have to change it up.  Every two weeks I change my workout.  Although it may sound like you have to do something drastic this isn’t the case.

You can switch from barbells to dumbbells or machines and even training with resistance bands.  You can change it up and work at a slower pace or add a tad more weight.  Try different approaches.  Changing it up every couple of weeks will help your body growth as you challenge it constantly and consistently.

Multi Joint Movements Will Be Your Friend

Although it is common to see anyone doing the usual biceps curls and leg extensions you really need to stick with multi joint or power movements.

  • Bench Presses
  • Squats
  • Deadlift Exercises
  • Military Presses
  • Lunges
  • Clean and Jerks and other Olympic movements can be added if you are able to but not necessary

If you include these multi joint exercises you will definitely come closer to your goals, especially since they give a boost in HGH and testosterone in men. It is therefore important to include squats and lunges as this will help you put on mass.

Don’t Make This Next Mistake

A big mistake I see is people sticking to chest exercises religiously when in reality it is a combination of exercises that get someone to bulk up faster than if you focus on one muscle group alone.

Give The Muscle Enough Rest Time

For muscle to grow you need to allow it to repair itself.  Muscle grows after it has been damaged in order to adapt to the demands it has been placed.  At this stage I don’t usually recommend that you work on the same body part more than once a week.  If you are working out hard enough you can allow anywhere from 5 to 7 days between a workout.

For example, if you are doing a chest workout or pec workout on a Monday you should wait until the following Monday to work on this area again.

Get plenty of sleep time as well as this is when muscle tissue repairs itself.

Also keep your workouts brief.  Eliminate 2 hour long sessions. Your total workout time should not exceed over one hour in length.

Although it is tempting to stick to this phase for a long term I have found it to be counterproductive.  Staying in a mass building phase for too long will stop giving you great results.  After two months you should increase the weight and do less reps per set.  This will help with getting more definition.

As you can see the process of learning how to bulk up fast is not too difficult.  The important thing to remember is to have a plan and follow it consistently.  There are various weight training plans that are easy to follow and help you put on mass, one example is Jason Ferrugia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets, in a healthy way.

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  1. Very good points to bulk up, it should work even dropping cardio to only walking if still no gains start to develop.
    One thing you seem not to have emphasised is the dietary needs for bulking.
    Unless your calorie intake is sufficient to support muscle growth it doesn’t matter what type of workout you do it wont work.
    I prefer target eating i.e high calories around workouts and less calories on off days so you can still keep reasonably lean.

    • Hi Raymond,
      Thanks for adding tips on proper dieting when bulking up. I left that information and only focused on the workout aspect for now. Didn’t want to overload anyone with too much info in one post. However, I will include more on dieting, hopefully soon.

      Thanks for the input.


  2. Sam,

    I’m glad you mentioned that machines can be effective too. I spent a lot of time in the past waiting in line to use the barbells I thought I had to use to gain mass. The problem was when I finally got my hands on them I tended to find myself getting injured far too often as I hadn’t got to grips with the more complex mechanical requirements of free weights.

    I’d definitely advise everyone to make sure they seek instruction on correct exercise technique before they lift heavy. Boring, but it will keep you on track to build mass.


    • In this case I was lucky to start with machines early in my weight training and I moved on to free weights once I had developed proper form and strength. Because I saw that machines were effective early on you could say that I never lost faith in them as a good way of putting on mass.