How a Bodyweight Exercise Routine Alleviates Fibromyalgia Muscle Twitching (Guest Post)

Fibromyalgia is a condition which arises in the muscles of a human body which cause pain in the muscle because of the muscular inability to function well. The medical disorder does not limit itself to pain, but causes other symptoms as well including sleep apnea, joint stiffness, stress and fatigue, gastrointestinal troubles like IBS and difficulty in swallowing. It can also lead to bladder abnormalities and a constant feeling of tingling or numbness.

Fibromyalgia can be divided into three parts. The word ‘Fibro’ stands for ‘fibre’. The word ‘my’ stands for ‘muscles’ and the word ‘algia’ stands for ‘pain’. So it means pain in the fibre muscles of the body due to muscle dysfunction.

Role of diet

Lack of nutrition can pose a great amount of pressure on the muscles in the healthy performance in their daily lives. The pain in the muscles is the key symptom which calls out for more and more nutrition. A good amount of nutrients will also help in curing insomnia because a rich diet will help in relaxing the muscles. Lack of proper circulation which is often the cause of the fibromyalgia chest pains can also be due to nutritional deficiencies. The main cause of poor nutrition is the over-use of pesticides in the food, unnatural methods of breeding and hormonal use in animals. Other factors include high preservative food items along with processed form of foods. Stress along with high pollution levels lead to progressive damages to the body which needs a good diet to fight the production of free radicals in the body and prevent the fibromyalgia condition to worsen.


The treatment of fibromyalgia includes the use of cognitive behavioural therapies which help in treating the psychological condition of a person. But the effectiveness of such therapies can be increased, if they are accompanied with physical exercises. Other options may include use of anti-depressants, anti-seizure medications and muscle relaxants along with anti-inflammatory drugs like ‘Quercetin’.

Exercise routines

The physical treatment given to the body in case of fibromyalgia is very effective and acts as a supporting mechanism to the ongoing drug medication. A good workout routine will help in curing the sleep problems, fight fatigue and cure depression. Exercising releases ‘endorphins’ which help in fighting depression and maintaining a happy state of mind. An exercise routine helps the patients to gain their lost flexibility, particularly cardiovascular activities.

  • Aquatic exercises in a warm pool work well on the patient because it combines the cardio with resistance training. Warm pool and environments cuts the risk of developing chills and pains in joints. Water exercises are really beneficial for the muscles and easy to perform. They lead to better circulation of blood to the muscles and one can also opt for water aerobic classes. Even, if one doesn’t know how to swim, these exercises can be performed with a life jacket or a tube.
  • Other types of exercises include those exercises which increase the heart rate like running on a treadmill, brisk walking or indulging in a sexual activity. Stretching the muscles and strength training will also fight the pain which fibromyalgia patient suffers from. A healthy routine like four days a week will help in maintaining a good health in fibromyalgia patients. One can also enrol in yoga classes, badminton, golf or basketball. It will help in maintaining interest along with the physical activity.
  • Lastly, one must not forget breathing techniques and meditation. These techniques soothe the body and calm the mind which provides a better control over the body and system. They help in warding off pain and maintain a healthy state of thinking. Meditation also helps in bringing happiness and sense of well-being, one must start believing that the body condition is getting better with the passing days and eventually, the belief will make you win.

Before starting any activity, stretch the muscles for five to ten minutes. Then, slowly warm-up the body by jumping or jogging on a slow pace. After the warm-up session, indulge in any type of physical activity and combine it with light resistance training to bring out the maximum results. Follow it up with a cool down session to return to the normal pace and avoid the incidence of body injury.


Fibromyalgia is not a fatal condition, but a persistent and pervasive medical state. The symptoms may improve with time if the right type of action to curb the condition is taken. Therefore, a combination therapy is the best suited plan in such patients including the prescribed medications, physical workout sessions and CBT. The individual conditions and requirements must be kept in mind before designing the treatment plan. Just eat healthy and exercise well to keep your body and mind in a healthy condition.

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