Come On Push It You Can Do It- Using Forced Reps For Massive Muscle Gains

Ever wondered what sets one person’s massive muscle gains from falling short of their goal?  The answer lies so often in the lack of using forced reps in their workouts.
Push Ball Scrimmage, Columbia (LOC)
Photograph Courtesy of The Library Of Congress

I see it so often in every gym I’ve been.  The usual suspects lift weights endlessly and look bored to top it off!  With each lift it seems as if the weight is only getting lighter and lighter…

In order for muscle gains to happen the muscle itself needs to be placed in a constant state of tension with heavy weight.  In other words the muscle has to feel as if it is being challenged.  You have probably heard of the motto: “No pain, no gain.”  Well it is somewhat true.  I do not want you to think that you have to feel intense pain in order to get the results you are looking for but working out should not be a walk in the park either, figuratively.

How do forced reps work?

The concept of forced reps involves the person lifting the weight going to a point of near failure and then forcing an extra one or two repetitions.  It is in those last couple of repetitions that the muscle is forced to push itself further, tear itself down and eventually adapt to the challenge of lifting more weight.

Arnold Schwarzenneger, legendary bodybuilder and one of the most famous athletes in history, has been a proponent of using forced reps in order to push the muscle to grow.

How to do forced reps and how often:

In order for forced reps to work best a spotter is needed in order to squeeze in a final couple of reps that you would not be able to accomplish on your own.
However, using this method in your workouts should not be used every single time.  This is another error made very often- using this method all the time which then causes muscle fatigue and in return becomes counterproductive.

It is my belief that forced reps should be used once every month with a spotter.  Doing so will allow the muscle to push itself, adapt to the heavy weight and force new growth.  In between those weeks when you are not applying this technique still work hard push yourself but stay in a range where you won’t go to failure.

Try this tip and I am sure you will look like an athlete sooner than you think.