Superhero Workout Tips By Trey Armstrong (Guest Post)

Most kids fantasize of being a superhero when they grow up.  Maybe it’s the lean physiques, or maybe it’s the fantasy of being able to perform amazing feats few will get the chance to do.  Well what if told you I tracked down someone who could give you superhero workout tips?

I had to track down Trey Armstrong, a real superhero, deep in his secret hideout in order to find out how superheroes do it to get in crazy shape with so little time…  Trey was able to reveal his best secrets exclusively for us and revealed what it really takes in this awesome muscle building lesson.

Trey Armstrong (Guest Post)

Hey what’s going on?

Trey “3” Armstrong here. Before I start off with my little rant and muscle-building lesson, I just wanted to give you a quick introduction…

So who am I? Well, I’m a muscle-building superhero of sorts. It’s a long story, which you can find over at, but let’s just say I’ve been in the industry a long time and it’s not pretty.

Because of a shocking and horrific accident, I’ve been forced into seclusion. However, I’ve realized my main purpose is to now spread the truth about the evils of the muscle and fiction magazines and how they’ve been lying through their teeth all of these years on how to get big, ripped, and powerful.

And that’s what this article is all about.

You see, there is no need to follow the routines of “pros” in the magazines. Do you really think that just because Mr. Juicehead does 20 sets for chest, that you need to do 20 sets for chest? Hell no. Unless you’re taking illegal steroids, training like a drugged-up bodybuilder will lead to over training and injury.

Good news is that there are numerous ways to train for size and strength, while at the same time jacking up your metabolic rate and increasing insulin sensitivity.

My favorite way is the combination of short, intense workouts utilizing big, multi-joint compound exercises and lifting with an explosive repetition speed. Now before you go ranting off saying that you need a certain amount of time under tension for hypertrophy I’m going to say this…

YES! I do know this. However, there are many ways to skin a cat! (sorry cat lovers)

Do you want to be slow and muscular?

Or do you want to be powerful and muscular?

My guess is you would choose the second option.

“So what’s your secret program Trey?”

Hah, well it’s not so much a secret routine but just really shocking your body in the appropriate fashion and following a template workout.

For example, one of the easiest ways to get bigger and stronger at a fast rate while not spending hours in the gym is by following a conjugate system of periodization.

This type of periodization was made famous by Eastern Bloc countries in the 70’s and 80’s. Well, actually they were made famous when the texts were translated into English and the top strength coaches started to adopt this way of training over the classic Western style of periodization.

The easiest way I can explain this that in the Eastern periodization model, or what’s commonly referred to as “Linear Periodization,” over the course of a number of weeks or workouts, you focus on one type of training variable.

For example, for 4 weeks you can focus on performing the lifts in a hypertrophy rep range, then the next 4 weeks focus on a strength phase lifting, then explosive for 4 weeks and power.

Now, this periodization model does work; however, once you switch over to the next phase, most of the time you lose what you gained in the previous model.

Now with the conjugate system of training or what’s commonly referred to as “Non-Linear Periodization,” you train multiple strength qualities throughout the week. So you’ll be training in the 3-5 rep zone, 5-8 rep zone, 10-12, 12-15 etc…

Of course this is dependent on your goal.

But the cool thing with this way of training is that you can train each muscle group or movement, whichever way you want to go by… much more often.

So literally, you can hit the entire body six times a week if you want too.

Now don’t get me wrong here. You do need to work up to this level of training volume, but it can be done and you DON’T NEED TO BE a genetic freak like my buddy Sam points out right on his home page. Yes, athletes are genetic freaks, but truthfully, and this is backed up by Charles Poliquin, a lot of athletes are in poor shape. They just get by because they are freaks.

In fact, you can even train twice per day as long as you switch up the training variables.

Okay so I know what you’re saying right about now…

“Hey Superhero Muscle-Building Dude, I don’t care about all of these weird and big-sounding names. Just give me a workout so I can transform form skinny to superhero like you.”

Well, here you go.

Now understand this is just a template. It’s simple in nature but brutally effective AND is probably the opposite of what you’ve been doing all this time. Follow this routine for the next 4 weeks. Make sure to write down all of your reps, sets, and weight used for each exercise.

On week 1, do the program as prescribed.

On week 2 increase the weight by 2.5-10 pounds on Monday. On Wednesday, add 1 set to each exercise. On Friday keep as is…

On week 3, increase the weight by 2.5-10 pounds on Monday. On Wednesday, add 1 set to each exercise. On Friday keep as is…

On week 4, increase the weight by 2.5-10 pounds on Monday. On Wednesday, add 1 set to each exercise. On Friday keep as is…

On week 5, de-load and allow the over-compensation effect to take place. Feel free to do a little light work with some exercises. Nothing at all close to failure. Allow your body to over-compensate because you’ve been ramping up the volume and intensity the past week. On week 6 when you come back, you’ll notice you’re a lot stronger, more vascular and bigger. This is something a lot of athletes do, which they call “peaking.”


Use 80% of your 1-RM. (RM means repetition max. So if you can bench 100 pounds for 1 rep max, 80% or your 1RM on the bench is 80 pounds. Make sense?) Lift explosively as possible.

Front Squats: 10×3 [SETS X REPS]

Weighted Neutral-Grip Pull-Ups: 10×3

Superset With

Push Presses: 10×3



Use 70% of your 1-RM. Lift explosively as possible.

Trap-Bar Dead Lifts: 4×8

Incline Barbell Presses: 4×8

Dumbbell Rows: 4×8

Weighted Dips: 4×8

Barbell Curls: 4×8



Use 60-65% of your 1-RM. Lift explosively as possible.

Back Squats: 3×15

Weighted Back Extensions: 3×15

Neutral Grip Dumbbell Flat Press: 3×15

Bent Over Seated Dumbbell Rows: 3×15

Lying E-Z Bar Skull Crushers: 3 x12

Alternating Hammer Curls: 3×12


About the Author:

As the world’s top muscle-building superhero, Trey “3” Armstrong helps guys transform form scrawny to superhero in just 12 weeks with his trademarked 3-Step Muscle Building System. For his exact muscle-building blueprint that will help you build a bigger chest, massive arms, a wide back, and powerful legs, visit

10 Tips To Keep Your Workout Motivation High

You promised yourself you would get serious this year and you would get in the best shape of your life.  Chances are you had this same goal last year and the year before.  Like most people out there you have found yourself starting your workout plan and then losing motivation mysteriously.  So how do you stick to your workout plan for the long run?

I still remember my first couple of years working out.  I would show up at the gym, put my best effort (but not training the right way), show up practically every day for a good month and then disappear entirely for weeks or months at a time.

This pattern would repeat itself over and over for the next 2 years or so.  I wasn’t counting.  But I am sure this is a familiar story to you as well.

This is what a typical workout history looks like:

Workout 3-6 days per week for 3 to 4 weeks straight

Stop going for a month

Pick up where you left off this time working out 2-3 days a week

Workout for a couple weeks and drop out for 3 months

I see this happen all the time, especially when the year starts.  Everyone is pumped up with New Year’s resolutions and with a commitment to do things right.

The intention is there.  The focus not so much.

As much as we may think that we are focused we really are not.

Why We Lose Our Motivation to Workout

If we are so focused on our fitness goals then why do we quit?

Why is it so hard to stick to a plan for the long term?

We could probably analyze this and come up with many conclusions.  Maybe our results are coming too slowly.  Maybe you have tried to work out before and after sticking to it longer than usual you still did not see the results you were expecting.

It also doesn’t help when there are many responsibilities that keep us from our goals.  Work, school, family or having a social life are reasons that are valid and often stop us from sticking to a workout plan.

Sometimes the answer is not so clear.  As mysteriously as you start, you seem to stop altogether.  Although many times we all seem to show the same patterns.

Have you ever gone in to your workouts without a plan?  Maybe you kind of chose your exercises in the spur of the moment.

You figured, “hey I’ll work on my chest today and maybe some arms. Tomorrow it will be either my back or my legs.”

That is a common approach.  One I see often and that I was guilty of.

Not going in with a specific plan is a motivation killer.

Or how about this one.

You skip today’s work out and try to make up for it the following day.  Now instead of doing one workout you end up doing two.

But what happens if you skip two workouts in a row?  Do you make up for it the next time and end up doing three workouts?  It isn’t too farfetched and I have seen it and lived it.

I truly believe that skipping a workout is not the worst thing you can do but trying to make up for it the next time around is the worst thing you can do.  This is a huge motivation killer after you do this too often.

10 Tips To Keep Your Workout Motivation High

  1. Do Not Go With The Flow:  As I mentioned above, not going in with a plan ends up killing your motivation.  Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Unless you have razor sharp focus with what you truly want in your fitness goals chances are you will stop sooner than you planned.
  2. Write Down A Workout Schedule:  I truly believe that this is the PRIMARY REASON people end up quitting their workouts, resolutions and plans.  So for example let’s say you schedule your chest and back on Mondays and Thursdays, Legs on Tuesdays and Shoulders on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Or Upper Body on Mondays and Thursdays and Lower Body Tuesdays and Fridays.  Always create a schedule perfectly outlining what you will work on specific days of the week.   Also schedule the days you will work on abs and cardio.  Write every aspect of your workout schedule before you start.
  3. Write That Schedule and Stick to It:  The biggest temptation we have when we skip a workout is to make up for it next time.  Write down your workout and then follow it as you wrote it.  If the plan was to work on chest and back on a Monday, then ONLY work on those muscle groups on that day.
  4. If You Miss A Workout Forget About It:  There is no point in trying to make up for it. Avoid making up for your workout on the following day. Simply follow your schedule.  Work on the muscle group only on the day it was assigned.  It does not matter whether you missed one day, many days or weeks.  If the day is Wednesday then do your Wednesday workout.  Don’t do your Tuesday workout on Wednesday or the Monday workout you missed.  This will force your mind to subconsciously remind you that you cannot skip a workout.  Soon you will find yourself going more often.  This is how habits are made.
  5. Have A Goal:  Have a clear goal out of what you want.  Be honest with yourself.  Is it to fit in the jeans you wore 5 years ago?  Do you want to lower your body fat down 2 percentage points?  Increase your chest size one inch?  Maybe you want to increase the weight you lift by 10 percent.  Have a short term goal and then create long term goals.
  6. Carry A Notepad:  Look around your gym.  How many people do you see with a notepad making notes?  One person?  Chances are not even one person is carrying around a notepad.  Believe it or not, this is one of the best tools in making progress.  Write down the number of reps you completed, the number of sets you did, the weight you lifted per set and how you can improve next week.
  7. Improve With Every Workout:  Carrying a notepad and writing down the weight you lifted, reps and sets will make it easier for you to see if you are improving with every workout or on a weekly basis.  Your goal should be to either do more weights, lift heavier, improve your form or get stronger.  If you are not making progress you will push yourself to do so.  Chances are you will become excited with the progress you make and you will stay motivated.
  8. Look at What Is Holding You Back:  If you are not making progress and losing motivation figure out what it is as soon as possible.  Maybe you are working out too late in the day when your energy is not at its peak.  Or perhaps you are not eating right, getting enough sleep or not being challenged enough by your workout.  Whatever it is make sure you make corrections and adjustments.  Often small changes make a world of a difference.
  9. Avoid Long Workouts:   Have you noticed that after long absences from working out you show up at the gym and do a long session often lasting a couple of hours?  For some strange reason many people think long workouts equal high motivation.  It may make sense when we have been taught that working hard gives the best results in anything in life.  Working hard is important, but that does not mean killing yourself to achieve those results.  When it comes to fitness you want to train smart.  Long workouts only end up causing you to burn out and leading you closer to being injury prone.  Long workouts also cause us to perform at below our peak and end up setting back any progress we make.  Keep all your workouts to one hour or less.  If you feel tempted to go longer than one hour simply STOP and GET OUT.
  10. Show Up:  Simply showing up and making that attempt is the step that will get you closer to your goals.  If you are not motivated you won’t show up to your workout.  Get over the hump make the effort and do your workout.  It takes about a month to develop a habit.  If you make that attempt on the days you planned to work out pretty soon you will be on autopilot.  Going to the gym will be second nature.  It will be part of your daily routine or habit.

There you have it. These are a few basic but essential tips you can apply now if you want stay focused and stick to your fitness goals.  Workout motivation is only a matter of planning things out before you start and sticking to these tips no matter what.  If you miss a day or stop for long periods of time, don’t worry, start again and do not give up.

2012 Predictions And Fitness Trends

Another year has begun and chances are we will see new trendy diets kick in during the year as a way to sell books and magazines and that is predictable.  However, every year we also see new fitness trends that do work or some fitness crazes make a comeback.

This time I decided to make my predictions for what will be hot in fitness trends for 2012. One thing you will notice is that the Olympics will be a huge influence on what we see this year. Unfortunately I won’t include the Shake Weight and other gimmicks but read on and check out some things that are going to be popular and that definitely work if you are looking to get fit.

1.  Olympic Style Movements Will Be Used More In Workout Programs

With the Olympics in full force we will start seeing profiles of athletes on TV and in them we will see their training methods.  Although most people know and understand that elite athletes use various forms of strength training they may be surprised to see lean athletes using heavy barbell exercises.

Exercises like Deadlifts, Power Clean, Clean and Jerk, Hang Clean, Military Presses, Squats and Bench Presses often considered exercises for power lifters will be incorporated in an average person’s workout plan.  Programs like Crossfit have helped bring back an interest in these multi- joint movements and have made them look cool and even mainstream.  I am really glad these types of exercises will be making a comeback as they are excellent in developing fast twitch muscles and explosiveness which help build lean muscle and also help burn fat.

2.  Interval Type Cardio Will Continue Gaining In Popularity

For the last couple of years there has been a move away from long cardio sessions and more in to interval type training.  This year will probably give it another boost thanks to the Olympics.  Every four years when the Olympics take place there is a fascination with sprinters and swimmers.  Both of these sports are focused heavily on short burst training.

As viewers begin to view these events more and more they will also follow in these athletes footsteps by dropping their marathon cardio sessions in favor of short but intense sessions.  The goal for most individuals will be to look like an athlete without the need to break records or beat other competitors.

Interval type training will appeal more as more people will see that it is a great way to burn fat and keep lean muscle using short workouts rather than spending hours on a cardio machine.

3.  Bodyweight Training Will Be Taken Seriously By Anyone Trying to Gain Muscle

Bodyweight exercises sometimes get a bad rap.  Guys who are looking to gain muscle and look shredded often have the misconception that only free weights will get the job done.  Fortunately every four years we are reminded that gymnasts have some of the most muscular, ripped and lean bodies.

In gyms across the world we will see the pull up bar no longer neglected.  More people will walk into a gym attempting pull ups, chin ups and dips as a way to imitate a gymnast workout.  The best case scenario is we will see a rise in strictly bodyweight workouts and the worst case scenario is we will see more guys combining their weight training with some bodyweight movements.

It is safe to say that bodyweight training will be popular and guys will want to experiment with their workouts in order to look like these athletes.

4.  Kettlebell Training Will See A Further Upswing

Kettlebells slowly saw a surge in popularity in 2010-2011 and this year I am guessing it will explode in to the mainstream.  Many times people question whether a ball of iron can work as a tool for getting fit but we are seeing programs out there that show the efficiency in muscle building and fat burning that this one tool has.

Another factor in its rise in popularity is the increase in people looking for workouts they can do at home or while on vacation without having to buy a lot of equipment.  For anyone who does not have time because of either family, work or a busy social life or anyone who finds a gym membership out of their budget the kettlebell is a great alternative for staying in shape.  You can simply stay in the comfort of your home and with very little space get all the benefits of a strength training and cardio workouts.

Others tools that will remain popular are things like resistance bands and TRX for example as they can be used in the comfort of a home or as a complement to other forms of strength training.  A couple of years ago resistance band training was huge thanks to athletes like Terrell Owens but this year will be the year of the kettlebell.

5.  Age Specific Training Programs Will Grow In Demand

The baby boomers are aging and thanks to better health care compared to past generations we are having people living longer, into their 80’s and 90’s.  With age comes a need for different fitness plans and there are studies showing the benefits of working out even for the elderly.

However, it is not just the elderly who will look for programs ideal for them.  Men and women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s will look for ways to maintain their shape or improve their bodies without having to do demanding workouts that resemble bodybuilder type exercises.

We will likely see more trainers becoming certified for these age specific needs and clients looking for fitness plans that are tailored specifically for them.

(Here is Sal Cappi showing some tips. If this doesn’t motivate a young person I don’t know what will)

6.  A Growing Demand For Certified Personal Trainers

Along with age specific programs we will see more trainers having more certifications.  It won’t be enough to simply have a basic certification you can get online.  Clients are becoming more aware, educated and are becoming more specific with their needs; as such personal trainers will adapt to these changes and become more specialized to fit their clients’ needs.  We are also seeing more health conscious people who want to look and feel their best.

7.  More Women Will Include Strength Training In Their Fitness Plans

Despite the fear many women have of looking like a male bodybuilder we are starting to see that this is a myth.  Strength training is beneficial for women who want to look slim and sexy and thanks to female celebrities who talk openly about their workout methods this is helping more women become aware.

Unless you are a woman with high testosterone or inject some you really have nothing to worry about.  Strength training is a great way to sculpt your body and look feminine.  If you have any doubts just look at Jessica Biel.

There you have it those are my 2012 fitness trends and predictions.  I am not the Nostradamus of fitness but I think these are some of the things we can expect to see more of in the coming year.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think will be hot in 2012.

P.S. If you are wondering why I came up with 7 and not a fancy number like 10… well, I’m just being a rebel.

My Top 10 Workout Songs For Summer 2011

Summer is finally and that gives us more time to spend outdoors or will give more of us motivation to get in serious shape.  I am already seeing more people going to the gym than usual, but it’s pretty typical, the crowds come around this time of year.

I am not really into wearing headphones and listening to music as I workout.  Lately I have been doing it more as I have found that gym music is getting old and repetitive.  What to do? What to do?  Well, I decided to compile a list of songs to my top workout songs for this summer.

Although I have a lot more than 10 songs I figured I would put the top 10 songs that I am really in to at the moment and that were released anytime in the last 6 months….

So here we go..

10. Kesha- Blow:  I am really feeling the hook in this song.  If you aren’t really in to it and it doesn’t make you feel like tossing a 45 pound plate across the room you must be strung out on a few dozen protein bars.

9. Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner- Written In The Stars: My brother got me in to this song, although it took me a few times to really appreciate it.  Tinie is huge in the U.K. and it looks like he is getting bigger everywhere else. Great song and very inspirational.

8.  Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross- In Motion (from the Social Network soundtrack): Ok, so this movie came out last year, but the song sounds more like a summer track.  I was not too impressed with the movie to be honest.  Yes, you may think I’m crazy but it was decent.  The soundtrack however was awesome.  Very intense song and the pulsating beat really is killer, especially for a workout.

7.  Linkin Park- Iridescent: This is the theme song for the upcoming summer blockbuster, “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon.”  Really looking forward to the movie and the song gave me goosebumps.  Also looking forward to seeing Rosie Huntington- Whiteley.

6. Pitbull feat. Neyo, Afrojack & Nayer- Give Me Everything: I’m a sucker for just about anything Pitbull releases.  This is no exception.

5.  deadmau5-  Sofi Needs A Ladder: This song was released late last year but again it comes across more like a summer song.  The driving beat gets anyone pumped up.

4. Beastie Boys feat. Nas- Too Many Rappers: This was a tough one.  The latest album, “The Hot Sauce Committee 2” is packed with high energy tracks but this one really stood out for me.  In fact the Beastie Boys have done some memorable songs in their career that are worthy of any workout play list, “Fight For Your Right to Party,””Sabotage,” and many more.

3.  Arctic Monkeys- Don’t Sit Down Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair: The Brits still know how to rock.  The guitar sound will take your workout in to overdrive.

2. Foster the People- Pumped Up Kicks: Kind of a throwback sound and this song reminds me of the bands Luscious Jackson and Cornershop from the 90’s and early 2000’s.  The song seems to get bigger and bigger but it is worth checking out.  Definitely sticks with you.

1.  The Black Keys- Howlin’ For You: Mean beat, mean guitar lick and with the catchiest chorus this year.  I couldn’t get this out of my head after watching, “Limitless.”  Apparently the Toronto Blue Jays and the Phoenix Coyotes have made it a popular song in their stadiums.  I see this song being used for many years in sporting events.

If you have any personal favorites that you have included as your top workout songs for summer feel free to share in the comments area.

The Shrinkwrap Effect: How To Get The Ripped And Lean Hollywood Look

I still remember the first time I saw Brad Pitt in the movie, “Fight Club,” the guy looked incredibly ripped and the only thing I could think was, “Man, how the hell did he get that way He’s seriously shredded!”  At the time there wasn’t a specific term for this look.  Flash forward a few years later and Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book developed what we now call “The Shrinkwrap Effect.”
What Exactly Is The Shrinkwrap Effect?
Have you ever seen someone who looked like they had been chiseled out of a rock?  Someone with a highly defined body to the point where you could see ripped abs and definition in each muscle? Almost like the skink had been tightly wrapped on to the muscles of the body? That is in essence the shrink wrap effect.
For a thorough explanation of this look at Video 3 from Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Muscle Building:
The strategy that is used to achieve such high muscular definition is very commonly used by bodybuilders prior to a competition, by fitness models and by Hollywood actors.  It is important to note however that this technique does not aim at bulking up fast and achieving big muscles like bodybuilders, but rather shows a technique that helps anyone stay lean and muscular.
  • There are many examples on the small screen and big screen but the ones that definitely come to mind are:
  • Daniel Craig (James Bond movies “Casino Royale” and “Quantum of Solace”)
  • Brad Pitt (Fight Club)
  • Rober Downey Jr. (Iron Man)
  • Taylor Lautner (Twilight- New Moon)
  • Ryan Reynolds (The Green Lantern)
Although many of us would think that the way these actors got so ripped for their roles was by gaining muscle first and then losing fat by dieting the truth is that the approach these actors use is quite the opposite.  In order to achieve the lean Hollywood look you must first lose fat and diet down then gain muscle.
This may sound counterproductive but it actually makes sense.  If you lose the bodyfat and get lean first then add mass the result will be the skin tightening around the muscle as it fills up the skin or “shrink wrap” around it.
How To Achieve The Lean Hollywood Look- A Method To The Madness
If you are thinking that you can do this in a matter of a couple of weeks, then chances are this won’t happen.  Unless you have already gone through the process of losing enough body fat and are ready to add mass the chances are you will not be able to do this in a matter of days or weeks.
However, if you are reasonably lean you can look at a window period of roughly 5 to 6 months and keep this ripped effect for a long period of time, not just a week or two.  If you are serious about learning how to do the Shrink wrap Effect and you want to look super ripped here is the method that will help you achieve a body like a Hollywood actor.
  • First diet for a period of 5-6 months while doing some type of strength training.  The goal at this
    point is to lose excess body fat Make sure you work on the muscles so you do not lose strength.  Ideally you want to use lower rep ranges in your strength training (4-5 reps) for the first 3 to 4 months of this process.  At this rep range you will continue gaining strength without putting on mass.
  • Second, maintain a low bodyweight for 6 to 8 weeks.  Perform interval type training/ burst training as cardio while still doing lower reps for strength training.  Follow a low calorie diet to maintain low body fat levels.  The skin at this point will begin to start wrapping itself or catching up to your muscle size.
  • Third, increase the training volume of your strength training by working with higher rep (increases sarcoplasmic growth).  At this point you can also decrease your cardio. Be careful with not having an increase in body fat levels.
As you can see this approach is not a quick fix and requires discipline.
The methods outlined by Rusty Moore in “Visual Impact Muscle Building” are advanced techniques but are effective in achieving a lean, slim yet muscular body like that seen in a Hollywood body.  The “Shrinkwrap Effect” is not something that can be achieved overnight, but is definitely an approach that can be achieved if you want to look good year round.

The Goo Diet: Lady Gaga Went Gaga For This?

Just when I thought I had heard enough the latest fad diet for this year along comes a new one- The Goo Diet. A few weeks ago here in the U.S. we became familiar with the Dukan Diet, thanks to Princess Kate,  and for many years we have heard of other diets like the Atkins Diet, the South Beach diet, among others.  But nothing this new diet that was based around baby food really surprised me.

Lady Gaga Stays Thin On This?

Every fad diet has its origins somewhere and usually with someone.  Nine times out of ten it is a result of a celebrity endorsement and this time the celebrity was Lady Gaga.  Lady Gaga has stated in recent interviews that she stays thin by eating baby food.
To be fair it has also been reported that she is not the only celebrity who is on this diet.  Other celebs who have or are reportedly on this diet are Jennifer Aniston and Cheryl Cole.  Not surprisingly, sales of baby food have seen a whopping increase of 100 percent.   I seriously need to buy baby food stock…

What The Goo Diet Consists Of

The diet consists of eating one main meal a day and snacking on 14 small 4 ounce jars of baby food throughout the rest of the day. The baby food is said to leave a person feeling full throughout the day.
The creator of this diet is personal trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson.  The purpose of the diet is to cleanse the body but one of the side effects is feeling full while eating baby food and losing pounds as a result.

Problems With The Goo Diet

Some of the problems that have been listed by health experts are:

  • Baby food leaves you short on nutrients like protein and fiber
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron
  • Constipation
  • You are eating like an infant and not like an adult
  • You will gain the weight once you return to a normal diet

As you can see there is a list of valid problems with this diet.  Although the short term gains may seem like they are worth it, the long term gains are not in favor of one’s health.

Why This Diet Works In Weight Loss

Are you asking yourself, “how is it possible that baby food helps an adult lose weight?”  The answer is very simple.  Eating baby food is low in calories.  By simply eating fewer calories you will see a decrease in weight.  If you want to see a decrease in weight all you need to do is reduce you calories, eat fewer calories than what you use in energy (a calorie deficit) and you will see a thinner person in the mirror over time.  However, being on the Goo Diet as a way to stay thin or get thin is not the healthiest option.  Diets like Brad Pillon’s Eat Stop Eat, for example, uses a simple approach that does not require you to sacrifice how you eat and does not force you to eat different foods than what you already eat today.

A Better Option To Get Thin And Get A Celebrity Body

Looking good and staying healthy is much easier than you may think.  Although it is easy to think that you need to eat next to nothing and work out many hours a day in the gym all it takes is a simple plan in order to look your best.  The two factors that work best are:

  • Eating Healthy
  • Exercise

(Lady Gaga Caught In A Gym By TMZ)

In order to lose weight and lose fat, the first factor is by eating healthy and consuming fewer calories.  As mentioned above, a program like “Eat Stop Eat” is one ideal and long term approach as it helps you reduce calories without drastically changing your food preferences (i.e. not having to eat baby food).

Exercise is the second component that I find impossible to avoid, especially if you want to look lean and healthy and if you want to have a thin body much like a celebrity.  For most people the thought of running miles a day or lifting weights is not the most attractive option.  In fact, most women will find themselves avoiding lifting weights because they do not want to look bulky.  However, there are ways to lift weights without having to look muscular. Rusty Moore of Fitness Black Book for example, shows the exact process for achieving a thin Hollywood type body in his programs, “Visual Impact for Women” and “Visual Impact Muscle Building-For Men.”

How To Properly Exercise To Get A Thin And Lean Body

In order to torch the fat in your body and get your metabolism in to overdrive the best approach is following a cardio and strength training approach.  Instead of doing long cardio sessions simply
do interval type training, also called HIIT or burst training.  Performing short, intense bursts of activity
will get your body to burn more calories and burn more fat without losing lean
muscle.  Simply do intervals of cardio for one minute, followed by two minute rest periods.  A sequence of 15 minutes will be enough followed by 15 minutes of slow to moderate cardio.

Strength training is also important, however, this does not have to be done using only
weights.  In fact, you can substitute weights with bodyweight exercises, kettlebells or resistance bands.  The important thing is to provide resistance type training to your muscles.  In order to get a lean body avoid training in the higher rep range even though this has been a common piece of advice given by trainers.  Instead do exercises in lower rep ranges, preferrably 4-5 reps per set per exercise.  Do not work out the same body part on consecutive days and allow suffiecient rest days between workouts.

The important thing to remember is that in order to look healthy and stay healthy a fad diet like the Goo Diet is not the best option.  Choosing a long term and healthy approach will get you closer to looking your best.

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Calorie Counting Diets- The Quickest Way To Weight Loss Or Just A Gimmick

In the last few days the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. has made it mandatory that every restaurant post the exact number of calories in their servings.  Such a move now makes it easier for Americans to go on calorie counting diets, but is this the right approach to weight loss?

With so many fad diets going on every year, this year it’s the Dukan Diet, it is hard to distinguish not only which diet plans work but also which approaches work when losing fat and losing weight.  Sometimes we are told that eating high protein, other times it’s high carbs and other times it’s a mix of everything.

What It Takes To Lose Weight

So often the topic of losing weight is handled as if it was a difficult concept that only a few people know the secrets to.  Losing weight is much easier than you think.  In order to lose weight the best way to do so is by spending more calories than the number of calories consumed.

Think of your body as a car.  If a car has a full tank it will be heavier than on an empty tank.  The car needs fuel, for us fuel is food, and as it drives it burns that fuel until it is left on empty and thus is lighter than when it was a full tank.  I am not advocating not eating. Quite the contrary you need to have food and calories to go about your day but I find the simple car analogy works.

At this point the key point to remember is

  • To lose weight you have to spend more calories than what you eat.

Eat 10,000 Calories And Lose Weight Guaranteed!

During the 2010 Summer Olympics it was revealed that American Gold Medal Swimmer Michael Phelps (nobody can argue that a swimmer’s body is very attractive) ate between 8 thousand and 10 thousand calories a day. This news shocked most people and were asking themselves, “how in the world is he eating that much and staying thin? I want his secret!”

There was no secret.  Athletes do intense activity in their respective sport for 6 to 8 hours a day.  This level of activity makes them spend huge amounts of calories and energy and as a result their bodies need more food (calories in).  Because athletes burn more calories than they eat the result is a lean body when it is coupled with the proper exercise.

Calorie Counting Diets- The Way To Go?

Now that you have seen that all it takes to lose weight is it worth trying a calorie counting diet?  There are diet plans that follow this concept by counting either “points” or calories.  This approach can be helpful for someone who needs discipline in tracking how well he or she eats.  In order for this method to work in weight loss you need to follow two techniques:

  1. You need to count calories of every food item you eat
  2. You need to count how many calories you burned from exercise, walking, and throughout the day

This may seem difficult to do and in many ways it is.  With technology it has become easier as there are phone apps that can work as a calorie calculator for what you eat and what you have done in activity.

Become A Fat Burning Machine In Your Sleep!

So if you stay active during the day you will burn plenty of calories. Makes sense right?  Well what if I told you that when you work out you continue burning calories after your workout and even as you sleep?  This is true and one of the reasons why exercise is very important if you want to lose fat.  However, it is the right type of exercise that will help you burn more calories when you rest.  For excellent workouts that burn calories more effectively the best types are:

By doing these types of workouts you will find yourself burning more calories as you rest which will make it easier to forget doing calorie counting.  As long as you eat sensibly and maintain a lower calorie count you won’t have to worry too much whether you are burning more than what you ate.

If you want to follow a calorie counting diet approach simply know the range of calories you are roughly eating and maintain an activity level where you are spending more calories than what you ate.

Other Factors To Consider

Taking all of this into account it is easy to consider eating any type of food, for example junk food, and think that as long as you keep your calories down you will be fine.  Well it is not so simple.  One thing I like to promote is calorie quality.  In other words, you want to eat good quality calories found in healthy foods.

Not All Calories Are Created Equal

The calories in a chocolate bar are not the same as the calories you find in a salad for example.  If you eat 300 calories of junk food and 300 calories of fruits and vegetables the results on your body will be different.  In fact, you will have to work much harder to get rid of the bad stuff, to put it simply.  This factor is why perhaps it is hard for calorie counting diets to win as an alternative by the general public and experts alike.

There are other alternatives that make it easier and more manageable.  Diet plans like “Eat Stop Eat,” for example make it easy so that the person does not have to count calories, follow a gimmick like having no carbs or no protein, yet is able to eat sensibly and healthy without having to sacrifice food.

Losing weight does not have to be difficult and does not have to rely on grabbing a calculator to count how many calories have been eaten.  Calorie counting diets are simply one other approach that can be followed in order to reach your goals.

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