Best Way To Build Arm Muscles

Are you looking for the best ways to build arm muscles so you can show off your results?  Well there are ways to do this and it is easier than you think.  As long as you are consistent and are willing to put the effort you will see the results.
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Everyone who goes to the gym wants to see results in the “show” muscles or beach muscles as some call them like the arms and chest.  Unfortunately when working out the arms most people focus on the biceps when in reality the triceps makes up two thirds of the arms.

The best approach is to do exercises that target each angle of the arm.  Do exercises the hit all the heads of the triceps and the biceps.

  • Bench dips:  start by placing your hands on a bench right behind you and slowly lower your body until your arms form an L shape with the upper arms are parallel to the floor.  Keep your legs extended out.  Come back up in a controlled motion.  Do the exercise slow paced.
  • Skull crushers:  lie down on a bench and with dumbbells hold them over your face with your arms extended.  Bring the weights down to a couple of inches from your forehead and extend up again.  Repeat at a slow pace.
  • Arm kickbacks:  hold the dumbbells in your hand and rest the upper body on a bench placed at a 45-degree angle.  Form an L shape with your arms next to your body and proceed to extend the arms back until they are straight and against your upper body with the weight placed at the hip/waist area.  Do this in a controlled motion.
  • Barbell curls: hold a barbell either standing up or seated and curl the weight.  Pause when you reach the top and come down slowly.  Use a pace of one second up and two or three seconds when you come down.
  • Decline dumbbell curls:  place a bench at a 45-degree angle and hold a pair of dumbbells.  Let the weight hang down with your arms extended.  Keep your arms pressed against the bench and curl the weight up.  Pause when you reach the top and come down slowly.  Use a pace of one second up and two or three seconds down.
  • Hammer Curls:  perform these as if you were doing standing arm dumbbell curls.  Instead of performing them with palms up perform them with palms facing inward facing your body.

Perform all exercises for 3 or 4 sets and 8 to 10 repetitions per set.