Best Number Of Reps To Build Muscle Mass

One of the most common questions from a person who lifts weights is what is the best number of reps to build muscle mass and look lean?  Although there are various theories on what works best in getting great results.
Photograph Courtesy Of Andrew Trahan Photography

By now you are probably aware of different sets and repetitions that are used in weightlifting workouts.  Some people recommend doing high repetitions/ low weight training while others push for a low rep/ heavy weight approach.  While they each have their benefits it is ideal to use other approaches.

For ideal results if you are looking to put on mass is to follow a workout that involves staying within a range of 8-10 repetitions with 4 sets per exercise.  Although some trainers recommend a top range of 12 repetitions I feel that this too light to stimulate muscle growth.  However, if you find yourself doing 12 repetitions simply increase the weight to go into the 10-rep range but no lower than eight on the lower end.

Whenever you find yourself surpassing 10 repetitions simply increase the load of the weight.  It is very important to increase the weight as you put on muscle.  As you make these gains you will definitely find yourself increasing the weight every few weeks.

While it is true that doing a low rep range of 4 to 6 per set will trigger growth, this kind of workout will help more with strength building.  Also, sticking to this range of repetitions makes it difficult to stay within proper form.

Using proper form is very important to see great results.  A slow and controlled motion is always the best approach and keeping tension throughout the movement is also necessary.  Focusing on the negative portion of the repetition is key as well.

Also remember to use variety in your workouts to avoid plateau effects.  Feel free to switch workouts between dumbbells, barbells and cables to keep the body guessing.