How To Get A Slim and Sexy Body Like An Actress In An Academy Awards Dress

So the academy awards are now on the horizon and you will soon see actresses wearing a luxurious dress to this red carpet event.  You have probably asked yourself many times how these actresses get in shape to look slim and sexy.

You are now wondering why I am dedicating time to getting that red carpet look when this is site is dedicated to getting a body like an athlete.  In fact, getting a physique like those on a red carpet requires exercising like an athlete- just ask actress Rachel Nichols when she did the Turbulence Training Program.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not as difficult as you may think.  Few programs have shown the precise techniques that any woman can follow.  Usually the tips that are given either give women that muscular look or are tailored more to Men- the exceptions are the one just mentioned and Visual Impact For Women which shows the strategies to get a red carpet type body.

The first thought that creeps in when we think of a female athlete is perhaps of a muscular woman with a little too much muscle.  While it is true that some female athletes have physiques that are not considered slim, sexy and feminine, the opposite is also true.  Many athletes are able to maintain a slim and sexy figure.  The key is in how they train.

Let’s look at one example of one female athlete that is not muscular and has a slim and sexy body.  Amanda Beard is a gold medal Olympic swimmer.  She has posed for several fashion magazines and she breaks the stereotype of the masculine type body.  Most people would agree that a swimmer’s body is sexy on women as well.

What will probably surprise you is that actresses you see at red carpet events like the Academy Awards prepare by training in the gym in a similar way as athletes.

So what does it take to have a body like an actress wearing a dress at the Academy Awards?

High Intensity Interval Cardio

Cardio is very important in losing body fat.  However, when most of us think of cardio training we think of long periods on the treadmill.  Although this works it is not as effective as doing high intensity cardio.

So what exactly is high intensity interval cardio?

High intensity cardiovascular exercise consists of performing short bursts of activity.  Recall the example of Amanda Beard.  She is a swimmer, but more importantly she is a short distance swimmer.  Her competitions and training consist of very brief intervals of activity.

There are different ways of doing this type of cardio training for example:  sprinting, running stairs workouts, swimming in short intense bursts or doing the same on any cardiovascular equipment machine.

Lifting Weights or Performing Bodyweight Exercises

Many women are afraid of doing weights because there is a fear that they will get too big or muscular and then appear manly.  Although this is a prevalent myth, that lifting weights will make you look like a man, the truth is doing weight training is important to achieve a lean and sexy body.

How to properly include weight training in your fitness routine

Although the common advice given by personal trainers to women is that they should lift strictly with high repetitions, usually around 12- 15, in reality the best way is to lift in a lower range of reps.

Ideally you want to lift at repetitions of 4 to 5.  These can be done using barbells, dumbbells, machines, and Smith machines or even with one’s own bodyweight.

Eating healthy:  Although this may see like an OBVIOUS statement, do not mistake it for dieting.  As is often the case while you are at the supermarket check out you see a celebrity magazine telling you they will show you the diet that helped (insert actress name here) lose (insert number of pounds here).  The majority of the time this diet is a gimmick or a trendy diet that is being raved about.

The truth is that in order to slim down all it takes is eating clean, low fat, and having a balanced amount of protein and carbohydrates.

Putting it all together for an Academy Awards Dress worthy body

  • Begin by cleaning up your diet and eating as healthy as possible.
  • Keep your calorie expenditure (calories spent) in a day greater than the amount of calories absorbed.
  • Train with weights, machines or your own bodyweight by using heavier weight and lower repetitions in order to get a lean body.
  • Perform cardiovascular exercises in high intensity intervals.

Here is a sample interval training routine:

  • Choose your favorite type of cardiovascular exercise: running, sprinting, elliptical, bicycle, swimming, etc.
  • Begin with a slow pace for 5 minutes.
  • Next increase your pace to 70 percent of your maximum for one minute
  • Decrease it to a slow pace for two minutes
  • Increase the pace up to 80 percent for one minute
  • Decrease the pace for two minutes
  • Do this sequence for 15 to 20 minutes total
  • Finish by keeping a slow pace to cool down for 10 minutes.

As you can see getting a body like an actresses in Academy Awards dresses is not difficult and can be achieved much easier than you thought.

If you are interested in getting this type of body like like the ones you see in a dress at the Academy Awards you can check out a program that shows you the exact way to get a red carpet ready body.  This program is titled Visual Impact for Women and you can read my Visual Impact For Women Review here.  Rusty Moore breaks down the exact type of exercises, reps, sets, cardio and even foods and dieting that works to get this body.