A Simple Boxing Ab Workout For Core Strength

This weekend as I was watching a major fight between Antonio Margarito and Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao I was reminded once again by how a simple boxing ab workout can bring out definition in our midsection.
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If you have sat down to watch a fight you have probably seen the power some of these guys pack in their punches.  In order to take constant abuse to their midsection a fighter has to be in good shape and has to have a strong core.

So what does it take to have a strong core/midsection and bring out those abs?  Well first let’s remember that these fighters are in top shape.  Much of their preparation involves great nutrition and excellent conditioning.  Adding these two elements keeps their fat percentage very low and perfect to see chiseled abs. Sometimes a simple boxing ab workout can go a long way.

The final piece of the puzzle to bring out the abs is working on the midsection doing core exercises.  So what are some exercises for the midsection that fighters use?

Here are a few you can do to get strong abs.

  • Partner up with someone and have them hold a medicine ball.  Stand across from them at a distance of at least six feet.  Have them throw the medicine ball at your midsection but do not catch it.  Have the ball bounce off the midsection and in to your hands.  Use a light medicine ball and the speed at which it is thrown will vary on your level of abdominal strenght.  Be gentle if you have never done this before. (perform 10 throws for 3 sets)
  • Medicine ball twists:  This can be performed with or without a ball.  Adding the ball makes it a bit more difficult or simply hold an object if you do not have this item.  Sit on the floor with both feet slightly raised about one to two inches off the ground.  Hold the ball or item at chest level and twist left to right.  To make it tougher,  as you turn bring the ball down to one side and have the ball tap the ground, then twist and do the same to the opposite side. (Do 30 twists- 15 to each side; perform three sets)
  • Hanging leg raise or lying leg raise:  Grab an overhead bar and bring your legs up to waist level and lower them slowly.  If you are lying down bring them up without bending your knees until the feet are pointing to the ceiling and lower them. Do not allow your feet to touch the floor.   (Try to perform 10 or as many as possible for 3 sets)

Try this simple boxing ab workout once in a while to switch things up if you are already doing your usual ab routine.


  1. I boxed for years and while I was doing it I never had better abs. I don’t box anymore and have never been able to get the abs like I had before when I was boxing. This article has gotten me motivated to start training like a boxer again.

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  1. […] A Simple Boxing Ab Workout For Core Strength | Look Like An Athlete […]